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We take customer feedback seriously and we evaluate all product suggestions. However, suggesting a feature does not guarantee that it will appear in a future product release. If you have a technical question, please contact Technical Support. This form should only be used to request a feature.

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4 Requests:

Request Date Qty Status
Wallpino API August 07, 2011 11 Requests collecting requests/votes
is there gonna be any API? Did not find a good site offering this.
Yes, we are looking now how better to integrate this.
iOS / Android Applications November 20, 2011 7 Requests collecting requests/votes
Do you plan to develop an iOS or/and Android application? Many would welcome such feature.
Yes. As soon as we collect enough requests we will start development. Any ideas about functionality and features are welcome.
Free avatars January 02, 2012 6 Requests collecting requests/votes
There are a lot of wallpapers in your system. Are you going to offer free avatars?
Internal Messaging November 20, 2011 3 Requests collecting requests/votes
We would like to see an internal messaging system allowing to send a message to wallpapers owners.
We will enable such feature in near future. The internal messaging system will allow registered members to contact the system administrator, wallpapers owners, etc. Each user will be notified when receiving an internal message.

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