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Steven Spielberg Wants Chris Hemsworth For 'Robocalypse' Role

Jul 20 21:11

It's fair to say that Chris Hemsworth is pretty hot right now, after wowing critics and fans in popular movies like 'Snow White And The Huntsman', 'Thor' And 'The Avengers', and his heroic looks and style seem to have caught the eye of one of Hollywood's biggest names - Steven Spielberg.

According to, Spielberg met Hemsworth and now wants him to to be in his next movie project 'Robocalypse'. Based on a novel by Daniel H. Wilson, it tells the tale of humanity's desperate stand against a robot uprising.

Spielberg is set to take the helm on the sci-fi thriller, set for release in April 2014. It seems he sees Hemsworth as the perfect hero to save humanity from the machines' machinations.

Spielberg is renowned for his ability to turn sci-fi into big bucks, making his name with amongst other films 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind'. He also directed Tom Cruise in 2005's 'War Of The Worlds'.

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