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Robert Pattinson's Movie Star Résumé—Check It Out!

Aug 17 16:44

Robert Pattinson may have earned more headlines for his personal life than his professional projects in the eight or so years he's been in the acting business. And girlfriend Kristen Stewart looping him in to a cheating scandal hardly helped shift the focus back to his work.

But R.Pattz is hoping to score critical love with his latest movie, the David Cronenberg-directed Cosmopolis, which debuted at Cannes this year and sees him playing a billionaire bad boy looking for a thrill—far grittier fare than he did during his years playing Twilight's vampire dreamboat, Edward Cullen.

So to celebrate Rob's latest tour-de-cinema, we thought it the perfect time to look back at all the work that has led to Pattinson's latest project, including bloodsucking (that'd be Breaking Dawn, for one), bedroom hopping (Bel Ami) and getting naughty with Reese Witherspoon (Water for Elephants).


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