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Robert Downey Jr sports lederhosen at Iron Man 3 gala

Apr 15 1:40

Robert Downey Jr performs a German jig at the premiere of Iron Man 3 in Munich - after turning up in a pair lederhosen.

The wacky actor - who plays Tony Stark in the action trilogy - decided to pay tribute to his Bavarian hosts at the glitzy bash by sporting the traditional leather trousers.

Co-star Gwyneth Paltrow then cringed as her co-star skipped around the red carpet, slapping his ankles in an attempt at a famous local folk dance.

While the actor exposed his hairy lower legs in odd outfit, Paltrow looked demure in a white sleeveless frock.

But she lost her composure during his lively jig - and cracked up when he planted a smacker on her cheek.

Joking aside, Downey Jr is confident the third instalment of the Iron Man series will be as big a hit as the first two films.

He said recently: "I'm a pretty tough critic on these things and I think this third one is really worth a couple of hours to spend to go to see at a theatre."

Iron Man 3 hits cinemas in the UK on April 26.

But we'll have to wait for Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow's arrival in the capital.

The Leicester Square premiere was planned to take place next Wednesday - but it's been postponed to make way for Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

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