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Rihanna Wants Us To Think She’s Dating A Woman Now

Apr 21 1:12

Rihanna has made it pretty clear that all the speculation about her love life is starting to piss her off. The singer has blown up at several reporters in the past few weeks who dared ask about her potential relationship with Ashton Kutcher, and now she seems to go out of her way to scare off the press. We get it, it has to suck to have the media all up in your business 24/7. So that has to be why Riri basically live tweeted her date last night with her friend Melissa Forde. She’s trying to throw us off the trail!

“I’m on my first date in almost 2 yearz,” she tweeted before getting dinner with her lady friend at Malibu’s Giorgio Baldi and hitting up the Roxbury nightclub. Judging from her face, Melissa seems absolutely thrilled about it. Maybe she just likes her as a friend? “#datenight my lover for the night,” Rihanna continued, posting a picture of the two together.

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