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Paris Jackson lashes out at family members

Jul 20 22:04

PARIS Jackson has hit out at "family members" who she claims have been spreading false rumours.

The 14-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson has become embroiled in a recent scandal stemming from a letter allegedly from Janet, Rebie, Tito, Randy and Jermaine Jackson.

The note apparently calls for the Jackson Estate executors, John Branca and John McLain to resign immediately because Michael’s siblings believe the King of Pop’s will was fake. The letter also alleges that the family matriarch Katherine Jackson was in bad health and had suffered a mini-stroke. 

But Paris took to her Twitter page to “clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumour and nothing has happened, she is completely fine.” “I will defend my beloved family member with all I have, even if it means from other family members,” Paris added.

The Estate has earned $US475 million since Michael’s death in 2009 nearly clearing all of the singer’s $500 million debt.

Paris then tweeted directly to her uncle saying that she doesn’t “appreciate” him telling things that aren’t true and saying he “should have respect for his mother.” She has since deleted the tweets. The teen is also reportedly at odds with her aunty, Janet Jackson, over her upcoming film role. Janet is said to be "furious" with her niece being cast in the 2014 film, Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys, claiming Paris should be making the most of her childhood while she can.

"She feels it goes against Michael's wishes to keep his kids out of the limelight until age 18," the insider told Us Weekly.

"Janet thinks Paris should enjoy being a kid and possibly go to college."

Despite Janet's warnings, Paris is reportedly "hoping for more roles".

"It's a huge dispute!" the insider added.

Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys is based on a young adult series written by Dennis H. Christen.

It sees a human turned into a dolphin by ancient magic, while other spells transform a teenage boy into a dragonfly and a jellyfish morphs into an evil fairy godmother.

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