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Keira Knightley’s paid £30k a year

May 27 14:05

FOR an actress famous for playing posh girls, Keira Knightley lives a pretty frugal life.

Accounts just released show that despite being one of the highest-earning actresses in the world, the star paid herself just £30,000 last year.

That’s a long way from her total earnings.

Keira’s firm Kck Boo Ltd banked £1.5million through her films and commercial deals with fashion firms.

And the details show she has cut down on spending outside of her salary, too.

A source said: “Keira took home £20,000 in dividends from the company in 2012 and a salary of £11,000.

“Her biggest expenditure put through the books was £41,000 on security but she spent little else.

“Her travel costs were just over £4,000 and she didn’t pay for a personal trainer, despite spending almost £1,000 on one the year before. The accounts also show that she did not shell out a penny on clothes and make-up.”

You can see how Keira avoids High Street shopping. Clothing brands and make-up firms queue up to hand her free gear.

And being fed and looked after while shooting her films helps her to save too. It was a good idea for the actress to watch her spending in 2012.

She married KLAXONS keyboard player JAMES RIGHTON at the beginning of this month and they’ve just got back to the UK after a long honeymoon on the island of Corsica, off the south of France.

The bash in Mazan, near Nice, shouldn’t affect her bank balance too much though.

The couple had just 11 guests at the wedding and 50 at the reception.

Keira even recycled an old designer dress as her wedding gown rather than splash out for a new one.

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