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Kate Moss gives Nick Grimshaw career tips

Aug 19 0:24

Nick Grimshaw is about to enter unchartered territory - from September 24 he's going to have to wake up at a horrific 5.30am so he can get to work in time to do his Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Luckily, though, he's got Kate Moss of all people giving him career advice. He said: "When I got the job, Kate Moss said to me 'What you wanna do, darling, is do what I do.

"'Sometimes I go to work. Sometimes I go to work hungover. Sometimes I don't turn up at all. People love that. They don't know what to expect.'

"I said 'Kate, that's what Chris Evans did.' 'Exactly, darling, everybody loved Chris Evans.' I said 'Kate, they sacked him'"

Speaking to The Guardian, Nick said that Lisa Snowdon, who presents Capital's breakfast show made him realise what he's getting himself in for at the breakfast show. "I said, are you tired all day? She said, yeah. I said, are you irritable? She said, all the time. I was like, oh no, what have I done?"

Oh Nick. We're sure you're going to be fine…it's just a matter of swapping the time you normally come in after a night out with the time you wake up.

Grimmers also properly acknowledged to the press for the first time that he's gay and that he's got a crush on R&B crooner Frank Ocean. He said: "I'd really like to go out with Frank Ocean."

He quickly changed his mind, though, adding: "I think he might be whiny, though. Like, why have you not called me? He might be a bit wet. I think I'm just forcing that Frank thing."

Looks like best mate Harry Styles has also given Nick some advice - how to be totally noncommittal!

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