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Ignore NHL with McDavid, MacKinnon and more

Nov 23 12:46

Who needs the NHL?

As the world’s top professional league continues to treat its fans with disdain and hold them hostage, the world’s best junior circuit is providing plenty of excitement.

Nathan MacKinnon, the top-rated prospect for the lockout league’s 2013 draft, has earned plenty of attention, but how about that Connor McDavid kid in Erie? Pretty good, eh?

The 1997-born prospect has been electric for one of the OHL’s worst teams, which makes his achievements all the more impressive. And while it’s very difficult to compare him with Halifax’s Nathan MacKinnon across leagues and age differences, one coach who has worked a little with both believes the gap between McDavid and the rest of the prospects in his draft year (2015) is much wider than the gap between MacKinnon and his rivals.

Take that for what you will. No matter which one ends up being the better player in the long run, both of them are great reasons to check out major junior hockey in the NHL’s time of dying.

But they are far from the only players worth watching. Below are 10 of the best teams across Canada that are providing great theater for those seeking it out.

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