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Hugh Jackman Shares the Love: "Wolverine Is for Haiti!"

Apr 13 19:33

Knowing that Wolverine is a sensitive sort, Hugh Jackman firmly believes that his X-Man alter-ego would be all about helping those in need.

"Wolverine is for Haiti, a hundred percent," the Australian star told E! News last night at an event for Donna Karan's Urban Zen organization, which with eBay is auctioning off original papier-mache hearts, crafted by her designer pals, to benefit the Haitian Artisan Project.

"All of us feel really blessed, we've had amazing career opportunities, and one of the things that allows us to do is go to incredible places and use our profile to help," Jackman, who also happened to be celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary, told us, wife Deborra-Lee Furness at his side. (Neither of them would divulge their anniversary plans, though, darn it.)

"I consider it a privilege, not a duty, and I have children—we all have children," Jackman added, looking at his wife, "and trying to teach that to our kids, being part of a community, your world, and doing whatever you can is actually your birthright. It's actually what we're all naturally meant to do."

Though we're big fans of Wolverine's muscles, we'll take Jackman's upbeat attitude any day.


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