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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey in Court for Custody Hearing

Aug 17 16:28

No big surprise, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are choosing to play this one close to the vest.

The exes, in family court Thursday for a custody hearing, were given the choice of whether or not to allow the media inside the courtroom—and they were at least on the same page about not wanting an audience.

Before reporters were shooed out, Aubry's attorney requested that the proceedings be ordered sealed to everyone not directly involved with the case, including Berry's personal attorney of 20 years. Her family lawyer, Stephen Kolody, argued that her longtime counsel be allowed to stay.

But while what went on behind tightly closed doors today is officially under wraps, Berry had previously petitioned for permission to move to France, where fiancé Olivier Martinez is from, with her and Aubry's 4-year-old daughter, Nahla.

The Oscar winner had stated that the U.S. was no longer safe for her and Nahla, noting that the paparazzi were increasingly intrusive and claiming she had been the target of death threats.

Aubry's camp has remained relatively mum on the subject of the move, but E! News has learned that 17 days have been blocked off on the schedule for a trial and witnesses will be called—so obviously there's stuff to talk about.

An engagement ring-sporting Berry, dressed in trousers, heels, a jewel-tone top and a black shrug, left a few moments after Aubrey today. Neither spoke to the media.


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