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Demi Moore Convinced Rumer Willis, Jayson Blair to Try 21-Day Cleanse

Jun 7 1:37

Demi Moore prides herself on healthy living - so much so that the G.I. Jane actress inspired her daughter Rumer Willis to follow in her footsteps and try The Clean Program. Willis' actor boyfriend, Jayson Blair, opened up to Us Weekly about their new eating habits during a press event for his new movie Detention of the Dead in Beverly Hills June 4.

"Rumer's mother turned her onto the Clean Program. It's this 21-day cleanse that consists of a shake in the morning, a shake at night and lunch, but you can't have a bunch of foods: No dairy, no eggs, no gluten, no red meat, no shellfish," explained Blair, who starred in NBC's now-defunct The New Normal. "It's fish, chicken and certain vegetables -- no tomatoes." (Moore and Willis have been spotted together in recent months after a long estrangement following the Striptease star's 2012 meltdown.)

Willis, 24, and Blair, 29, were so happy with the results they continued following the Clean Program for twice as long. "You're supposed to do it for 21 days," Blair admitted, "but Rumer and I ended up doing it for 42."

Blair said he feels "so good" now that he's revamped his diet. "I was always run down and sick as a kid, for as long as I can remember. It was gluten intolerance and I didn't know," he explained. "I'm Italian, so that was all I ate: pasta and bread. I was just exhausted all the time. Now it's completely changed my life."

Though the actor loves lost weight, the Clean Program is "more for cleaning out your insides," Blair explained.
Restricting which foods they eat could have posed problems for the pair, but Blair said it actually strengthened his bond with Willis. "It could be great because you have someone to do it with, or it could be miserable because somebody's not following it," he said. Luckily, Willis has "done it before," he added. "I'm crazy when it comes to doing anything. I'm so by the book. She's like, 'Oh, my god.'"

The couple -- who met through mutual friends and began dating in the summer of 2012 -- have been a positive influence on each other in other ways, too. "We care and have so much respect for each other. There's not really much we wouldn't do for each other," Blair told Us. "More than anything, we just spend a lot of time together. It's not about doing anything crazy -- it's about cooking dinner together, relaxing, spending time. That's everything to us. We're not going out anymore -- we're just enjoying each other's time."

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