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Beyoncé & Jay-Z Anniversary

Apr 9 0:41

Beyonce and Jay-Z's fifth anniversary trip to Cuba seems to be going well.

The couple, along with their mothers and another male, dined at La Guardia restaurant Wednesday night for about two hours, and according to restaurant manager, Beberan Aemereca, Bey and Hova are having the best time in Havana.

"Everyone was surprised when they came in," Aemereca told E! News, and added that the married duo were holding hands, but that was as far as the PDA went.

"They ate chicken with honey and lemon, a restaurant specialty and had mixed appetizers," Aemereca added. Bey sipped on a lemon dacquari, which had white rum and sugar (a very typical drink), and Jay first had a mojito before bringing out some red wine for the entire table to enjoy throughout dinner.

Aemereca could help but note the singer's beauty, telling E! News that star, who was wearing a black and white dress, "looked very beautiful. She had no makeup but looked so beautiful. Jay-Z was very happy and smiling," he said. "They both looked very relaxed and were having a good time."

He continued, "They looked like a family, like a family dinner. It was like they were on vacation and were very relaxed and happy."


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